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Plastic films and sheets are widely used in the packaging industries for various purposes. They are mainly used for packaging and labelling of the packaging containers. Packaging containers need top be moved and slide during handling and transportation. This exerts some amount of friction on the films that can damage the quality of the films as well as the printed information on them. This is why the manufacturers of the plastic films need to ensure that the plastics films are sturdy enough to bear the friction that is exerted on them during the transportation. For this they need to measure the coefficient of friction of the plastic sheets and films (Poly Films & Laminates Testing Instruments).

ASTM D 1894-14 is a standard test method to measure the friction of plastic film and sheeting. It is used to determine the kinetic i.e. moving and static i.e. starting resistance of one surface that is dragged across another. The coefficients of friction properties are related to the slip properties of plastic films used in packaging applications. Using this test, the static coefficient of rubbing and the dynamic coefficient of the grating of the test material are estimated. For the coefficient of rubbing testing, ADMET provides the various scope of holds and apparatuses. Material’s coefficient of contact is the proportion of the power that acts between the material surfaces to the pulling power. Estimations are normally made on a material surface against itself, with a lower grinding coefficient that displays a lower opposition. Coefficient of Friction Testing of laminate requirement is essential to measure the sheet quality as per standard.

Dynamic gratin is the power expected to keep up movement between two surfaces whereas Static grinding is the power expected to make development between two surfaces. The coefficient of rubbing is afundamental property of all materials runs on rapid assembling lines like in the bundling and printing industry. Coefficient of grinding is denoted for plastic stream rapping films. Assurance of static and dynamic coefficient of a grating is used for movies that are handled on printing and bundling machines.

The static and dynamic coefficient of erosion for adaptable movies is estimated on a static testing machine with an additional device. The test is based on various principles.

Coefficient of Friction Testing Machine is used to assess the coefficient of beginning and sliding contact of plastic sheets, movies, papers etc. It is used to gauge the motor and static contact of the sample which slides over substance in a pre-set test circumstance. The test is used to assess the stackability of plastic sheets and movies. The test method helps the plastic producers in avoiding mishap due to obstruction in bundling, stacking and transporting materials. The uneven sheet thickness results in enhanced rubbing resulting in uneven quality.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

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COF Equipments is used to reproduce the level of abuse a plastic film continues without influencing the substance. It is simple to use the machine to confirm the contact that remains between two surfaces secured by plastic material. In various kinds of plastic movies, slip properties are made naturally due to the added substances.

Pacorr is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Co-efficient of friction tester that have been widely used in the packaging industries for testing the quality of plastic films with high accuracy. The instrument offered by Pacorr is designed and fabricated in adherence with the guidelines prescribed by the quality testing standards such asASTM D 1894-14 that ensures high precision and accuracy of the testing data and ensure better quality assurance of the plastic films and sheets.