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PET products are commonly used in various production houses to satisfy the purpose of packaging. The PET bottles are mostly used to pack liquid products produced in different industries like syrups and medicines in liquid detergents, pharmaceutical industries, and acids in beverages in food industries, chemical industries, etc. PET bottles are regarded as the best mode of packaging liquids and other consumable items due to various attributes and so, it is used by the manufacturers in various industries. It is important in testing the leak resistance strength of the PET bottle by using Vacuum Leak Tester to get high quality in production.

Due to different benefits and usage of PET bottles, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to assure the quality of PET bottles before delivering the final product to the customers for packaging or bottling of products. Poor quality of PET bottle has an impact over the quality of the contents which is packed inside. It can degrade the quality of the product and leads to consequences such as fatal accidents in case acids or medicines that are packed inside. There are various instruments to test the strength and quality of PET bottles so that only premium quality of bottles can be given to the customers.

Vacuum Leak Tester

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The quality of PET bottles can be assessed by identifying various properties of PET bottles like leakage integrity, a torque of bottle cap, the thickness of the wall, seal strength, perpendicularity of bottles, section weight analysis to prevent from frequent fall, etc. These tests can be conducted on PET bottles by utilising high-quality testing machines. They are highly efficient for helping manufacturers of PET bottles. It ensures that the bottles become defect free and does not have any kind of leakage.

Operating Principle
The testing method is initiated by keeping the sample in the sample placement area known as desiccator and water are filled in the desiccator after that known amount of vacuum is generated. After creating the vacuum, the bottle is verified for the development of bubbles or for any type of distortion in the bottle. If bubbles are created in the water, it shows that the bottles have some pinhole. Using the Vacuum leak tester, the producer can ensure that the bottles are leakage free and are used for packaging any kind of product.


  • Confronts USP 28 Packaging Practice specification
  • Automatic sample testing using easy vacuum mechanism
  • Chip based features for consistency and repeatability

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