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Plastic bottles are defined as a plastic container that has a body bigger in diameter than the opening. Many plastic bottles can be found in the market. Such as spice bottles, cylinder bottles, spray bottles, industrial round bottles etc. Various materials are used in plastic bottle packaging along with different shapes, sizes and styles. PET bottles are used in household products like medicine bottles, beverage bottles and peanut butter etc. The most common industry to use plastic bottle packaging are automotive, health, food, beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical and garden. PET bottles are in huge demand in package companies due to its flexibility and use in carrying liquid form substance like oil and beverages.

The most important process of bottle packaging is the filling line. When bottles are scrolled in a continuous manner and the content is filled inside from the top and capped, an instance of package failure appears the most. The bottles collapse from the line disturbing whole batch sequence, they fumble due to poor weight dissemination and content is comes outside etc. Therefore, it is important that the manufacturers must perform filing line quality control on PET bottles to test their weight dissemination is uniform or not. A sophisticated mode PET bottle cutter can be the solution this.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is a highly efficient machine used for accurate cutting of plastic containers section-wise. It is majorly used for quality assurance processes in the PET industry like section weight analysis. Suits best for various shapes and sizes of bottle. It uses high-grade Kanthal wire for cutting the containers into three specified sections. The sample holder permits tight clamping of the containers assuring no slippage during the cutting process. The cutting wires are rapidly heated using a controlled temperature program and obey the set temperature parameter in the right manner. High precision heating and cutting ensure no error in end section weight analysis. The wire length, width and the sample holders are adjusted as per the bottle size and shape. Even the wire tension can be tuned as per need.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

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PET Bottle section Cutter is accurate in their performance and is designed as per various international test standards to deliver the best performance. It can be operated using digital control with LED display screen for test data read-out. The heating parameter can be read in digital format on the screen. Variable Voltage Potentiometer equipped for managing heating efficiency. Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is available in 2 or 3 wire configuration. The machine permits the user to cut a bottle into three sections and weigh the parts separately to see if they meet the weight distribution standards.

Pacorr offers high quality Hot Wire Bottle cutters for PET and preform industry. For further information on Hot Wire Bottle Cutter and its working, please contact our customer support team.