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Springs are widely used in many different applications in the industries as well as domestic front. The main function of springs is to absorb the shock levied on them and ensure that they provide a cushioning support to the surface to which they are applied. Another application of springs is that they are used for elongation and traction of objects in different application. The springs are used in some of the many different high stress area where they are to face repetitive forces. Many times, these reparative forces can cause the development of metal fatigue in the springs that can be harmful for its basic structure and can cause failure leading top lethal accidents. This is the manufacturers of the products need to ensure that they provide the best strength to the springs and ensure their quality with the help of proper testing of the springs and the materials they use to make the springs.

The ASTM A125 standard test method is considered to be the most efficient test procedure for heat treated steel coil springs. This testing method can help the manufacturer decide on production criteria and provide the best results to customers. These types of springs are typically used in the transportation industry for suspension systems and can also be seen in some types of industrial machinery. The main characteristics evaluated are the diameter of the bar, the height of the spring, the number of turns.

ASTM A125 Test Method ASTM A125 specifies the deflection load up to 85% of the original height. In this test, the steel springs are compressed to the required deflection value. In the case of industrial springs, which are quite strong, a large capacity compression tester is often required. When the springs are compressed, they store a particular amount of energy.

Therefore, appropriate safety precautions should be taken. A safety cage can be used for maximum protection. Under A125, several calculations are mentioned. Solid capacity is represented in pounds and is a measure of the spring’s ability to resist and store compressive force. The solid height is defined as the total height of the spring when subjected to a compressive load which causes all adjacent turns to touch. Once all of the coils are hit, the spring can no longer be compressed, so the solid height is a maximum value. Compression Tester According to ASTM Standards.

Pacorr offers your high quality Spring Tester to assess the quality of the spring according to the trusted global standards. Springs are widely used in various applications such as automobiles, airplanes, industrial machinery, etc. Therefore, the quality of the springs is crucial. Testing of springs helps determine various properties such as elongation and yield strength of materials. The spring tester is a useful and beneficial testing instrument for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in different industries.

Main features:

  • System controls based on high precision micro-controller
  • Peak Hold function available (Max. value stored in memory)
  • Bright LED display
  • Feather touch controls
  • Gripping jaws specially designed to hold fragile samples.
  • The force vs elongation graph can be retrieved
  • Easy data management

  • With the help of this instrument, it is very convenient for the manufacturers of springs to test the capability and performance of the products and ensure that they are providing the best quality of products to the clients.