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In any industry, the quality of the products is a very important aspect and the customer buying decision is greatly impacted by the quality of the products and not by the cost of the products. The quality of a products is the most basic thing that a customer looks in a products and is willing to pay higher price for a better quality products. When it comes to the quality of a product, the packaging plays an important role in maintaining and depicting the quality of the products. The quality of the packaging as well its look contributes to a great level to the quality of the products. The packaging not only contains the information about the products but also decides the aesthetic appeal of the products to the customers when they are making a buying decision. This is why the manufacturers of the products as well as the packaging materials have a great focus on the print quality. There are many factors that can damage the print quality of the packaging during transportation or handling and can deteriorate the information mentioned of the printed labels of packaging. For this the scuff resistance testing is done. With label printing, there are various factors to consider when determining the difference between a quality affordable label product and a cheap low-quality label packaging. Most customers see labels while purchasing the product as it contains necessary information regarding the product. Due to the competition in the market, even store brand products are competing with established premium brands. Labels and packaging are not places to cut corners on quality (Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments).

How labels last out in the real world is a matter of concern now a days. A great looking labels fail and look terrible on a retail shelf if it has started to peel off your bottle or has got scuffed or scratched at the time of shipping or transit. Labels that do not fit your container may wrinkle and cheap label materials fail due to the environmental effect like humidity, moisture cold and heat. Producing quality labels is the goal of label printer and the quality takes time and a good investment in the advanced and best equipment. Another reason why a printed label may get deteriorated or damaged is the scuffing process. Scuffing happens when two different surfaces are rubbed against each other. It can cause abrasion on surfaces and damage the print quality of the surfaces. Scuff Resistance Tester can be used for testing the scuffing resistance of any two surfaces when they are rubbed against each other for a specific number of times. The scuff resistance test is the test conducted to determine that the impact on two printed surfaces when they are rubbed together while they have a relative motion.

The quality of labels is an important factor to be retained in the long run as it is important to maintain the structure quality first. Some of the tests are needed to be conducted to measurequality.

Scuff Resistance Tester

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Due to scuffing between two surfaces, some parts of the label gets abrades. Since it is difficult to make labels resistant to abrasion, precautions must be taken to resist it. Scuff Tester by Pacorr is used to test the sample that is rubbed against an abrading paper for particular rotations. Due to rigorous friction, the print from the label starts to abrade.

Scuff Testing Machine imitates the actual conditions in a quicker way. The label performance a judged depending on the rotation frequency it can bear. Pacorr is one of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of this Scuff Resistance Tester machine. Scuff Proof Tester complies with international testing standards so that the products tested from the machines get accepted all over the world.

Working principle:

  • To conduct the test, the sample is placed on the base of the tester in such a way that the printed part is in an upward direction.
  • A load of 2 psi is kept on the test sample.
  • Set the number of rotations from the operating panel.
  • As the test ends, the sample is detected to check the type of ink transfer.
  • Scuff Resistance Tester Blogs gives more information about the test machine. You can consult our technical team to assist you in taking the best decision.