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In the paint industry, the quality of paints is important as the coating is responsible for providing the best level of protection to the surface when it comes in contact with moisture, dust or anything that might damage the aesthetics of the surface. In industries like automobiles, the protection of the metal surfaces is very important for the longevity of the products. Thus proper testing of the paint products need to be test thoroughly for the quality of products. The cupping test is one of the most significant tests that are conducted on the paint products to ensure quality.

Cupping test is a critical test to evaluate the bendable properties of the metal. In this test, a punching power is applied to the metal sheet of thickness from 0.2mm to 2mm. A visual review is done to check whether the test material has built up any breaks or disfigurement. The power applied on the example is shown by the check.

It is exceptionally easy to play out this test yet it educates extremely vital viewpoints regarding the test. The testing machine directs this test on the rule that a cup-moulded melancholy is made in the sheet by applying power through a punch on the cinched test material until an obvious miss-happening happens. What is the profundity of the cup concerning the applied power is estimated.
This is a physically performed test. The profoundly adjusted scale is expected to quantify the power applied on the sheet.

Why is Cupping Test Significant?
At the point when we talk about cupping testing strategy, there is a minor disarray about its significant and whether it is significant testing the properties of metal sheets or for testing properties of coatings or not. Indeed, for both. Various ventures use cupping test machine for surveying diverse quality components. For metal, it is done to decree the pliable properties. For certain applications, it becomes significant that metal should bear the punch partly without getting broken. For example vehicles with metal bodies must breeze through this assessment. As vehicles are inclined to marks because of outside effects, the metal body should be bendable enough not get broken.

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Once more, in the car business, this cupping test is performed to check the lengthening of the coating done on the body of the vehicle. The paint ought not break off or broke when a mark is framed because of the punch. In the case of coating gets taken out, the metal underneath would get inclined to erosion.

What Precautions Needed to Be Taken?
This is an exceptionally easy to play out the test and an extremely straightforward cupping test machine is utilized to direct this test. In any case, to get the exact outcomes, you need to play it safe to expand the proficiency of the test. As such you needn’t bother with any predefined conditions.

  • Clamp the example firmly on the clear holder with the goal that it ought not slip when punch applies power to it.
  • Once you start the test, don’t permit the punch to be moved, else the downturn made by it would not be ideal to check the genuine conduct.
  • Force is applied to the example until a break builds up that permits the light to go through
  • Measurement should be begun when punch just contacts the surface at first.
  • When it comes to the quality of the paints, it is essential that the clients are provided only the best quality. For this quality testing of paint coatings is important. The cupping testing machine offered by Pacorr provides the most accurate testing data that helps the manufacturer in ensuring the best quality of paints delivered to the clients.