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Packaging is one of the most important factors that impacts the quality and protection of the products to a significant level. The manufacturers of different products need to understand that they need to pick their packaging for products wisely to ensure better safety and quality assurance. Shipping containers have changed the way cargo is transported on ships across oceans. Corrugated packaging products are used as shipping containers. They are used to package goods like food items, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc. Corrugated packaging products give safety to the products and requires inner component for cushioning like corrugated inserts and edge protectors to ensure the protection of fragile products.

Recently the demand for pallet boxes in corrugated packing’s has maximised as it offers flexibility. The corrugated boxes provide enough strength and crush resistance for stacking in warehouses. The environment-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable boxes are more into the packaging markets and used across various industries. Corrugated box packaging is in demand by various industries as it is rigid and strong to take the load without failure. The quality assessment for corrugated boxes can be done by the compression strength test using Box Compression Testing Machine.

While shipping the packages are loaded in a packed structure to get enough space to move and slip away. To achieve this, they load off the containers by stacking. Due to this, the vertical load of the box at the bottom is maximum. Hence, the box should be strong enough and have much of resistance towards the applied compression load. The box must sustain for a long period without getting damaged under the applied compression load. This box compression resistance can be tested by Box Compression Strength Checking Machine.

Box Compression Strength Tester L&W designed by Pacorr is the most consistent tool to test the compression of the corrugated box. It works using digital controls which is chip based. Digital based display screen is equipped for a test read out along with a large construction with double column equipment. It has strong compression plate with the sophisticated load cell to ensure an accurate force measurement.

Box Compression Tester

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New features such as uniform force dissemination, over-travel safety and peak hold display etc. are important to make it as bestselling product in the field of quality testing of a corrugated box. Various sizes of the corrugated box can be used to test by the manufacturers. Set the compression force for testing and start the test. The load at which the box crushes is recorded in the machine and saved for future references.

Box Compression Tester is made from high-grade material and plated with a corrosion resistant paint. The load cell is calibrated from NABL certified labs. They are highly durable in nature. It adheres to various international standards to provide error free test results to its clients.