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The food product quality is a major concern of the consumers nowadays as it is directly related to the health and well being of the consumers. If the quality of food products is neglected at any level, it may cost the health of the consumers. We come across the world billions of liters of water, milk, juice etc. consumed on every day basis. A number of packages are protected using Tetra Pak to ensure nutritional value and the taste of the products inside. Additionally, tetra paks provide the best possible protection to the products during transit. The main material used in Tetra Pak carton packages is paperboard. It provides strength smoothness and stability to the printing surface. Another material used for manufacturing the tetra pak is Polyethylene which is used to protect against outside moisture and enables the paperboard to stick to the aluminium foil. The aluminium foil saves the product from oxygen and light to retain the nutritional value and taste of the food in the package at ambient temperatures.

Tetra Pak is a 6-layer packaging material to store edible goods. They are designed is such a way that content packed inside remains fresh and hygienic. The 6 layers of packing are strong enough to support as strong barrier to environmental conditions. Various tests are performed to test the integrity and ensure the endurance of the pack. Various conditions related to the environment for which Tetra Pak is tested are:

  • Water penetration
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Due to the volatile behaviour of packing, the prints start to fade off, adhesions are lost and the layers are peeled off. So, assessment of the behaviour of Tetra Pak when it is exposed to severe climatic conditions must be done beforehand. It might lose its properties in extreme climate. It might also impact the joints of the packing due to which the air will penetrate and affect the contents inside resulting in its contamination. Strict measures must be taken by the manufacturers of packaging to avoid the humidity impact on the packing.

    Humidity Testing Chamber is used in the beverage industry. It studies the behaviour of packing in extremely humid conditions. This is crucial to assess as packing must bear the conditions of the warehouse, manufacturing plant and retailer’s price.

    Humidity Chamber Functions as Touch Screen with Data Logger is used to assess the change in physical properties of the sample material due to change in the environmental conditions such as humidity.

    Humidity chamber

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    In Humidity Chamber offered by Pacorr, there is an advanced touch screen panel and upgraded features. It comes in 3 colored tower style alarms to alert the user. It simulates the high humid environment in the well-defined cabinet. It is equipped with the latest technology and high-end features to make test observation easy and accurate. The inner chamber is constructed with high-grade stainless steel and the outer chamber is made from stainless steel. The rigid constructions allows the instrument work under extreme working conditions for a longer time without compromising with the accuracy and precision.