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The cardboard packaging boxes are test choice for any manufacturers when it comes to choosing the packaging for their products. In this quality savvy world, everyone wants that the products they buy is of the best quality and this has forced the manufacturers to take strict measures to ensure that they provide only the high quality products to the customers. In this direction, they have also become very considerate about the quality of packaging that they choose for their products. The packaging boxes provide the ample protection to the products during their transportation and storage in industries. This is why they are tested with great accuracy so that they do not fail during their actual usage.

In addition to that, the manufacturers of the packaging boxes such as cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes need to understand that it is also their responsibility that they provide the best quality of products to the clients. They must test the quality and strength of the materials such as cardboard, corrugated sheets and others that they will be using for making the boxes. Apart from the materials, they are also need to test the boxes once they are finished and ready to be used. There are plenty of testing procedures such as Edge Crush Test, Ring Crush Test, compression test, drop test and many more that can be used for assessment of the quality and strength of the products.

Due to a vast change occurring in the production and shipping, the testing methods to measure the package strength have also changed accordingly. Much of the shipping now a days are done is boxes on pallets that deliver goods from one place to another. It is necessary to test the edge of the wall of a box as the stacking strength is a sensible measure of checking the strength of box to hold its shape under vertical weight at the time of transit. (Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments).

Edge crush testing is the test that measures the stacking strength of the corrugated board. It analyses how much a box can bear pressure before getting crushed. Edge Crush Tester is used to perform such tests. These packages are medium to small-sized and are stacked on top of each other.The quality of corrugated material is based on various factors such as edge crush test, bursting test, the combined weight of the material, outer dimensions and a maximum weight of contents. These boxes are used to ship contents such as apples to a washing machine. It is used by changing the design of a box, combining layers of corrugated or interior packaging, a corrugated box are produced to ship and store all kinds of products. So, these boxes must be tested for its quality whether it is suitable for shipping and storing or not.

Edge Crush Tester

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Double-wall cardboard is stronger and more resistant to crushing than single-wall cardboard. It is designed to accommodate heavier content for shipping and storage. The strength of double-wall corrugated cardboard strengths ranges from 42 ECT to 82 ECT. Double-wall corrugated boxes have low bursting test weights at 200lbs. and goes up to 600 lbs.

Various parameters can be used to test the quality of corrugated fibreboards. A good board must have a high blasting quality and should give a decent pad to the pressing. It should have resistance to physical effects and enduring conditions.

Edge Crush Tester Machine is widely used in paper and bundling industry. In this test, a sample is cut in square shape and made to stand edgewise while corrugators are opposite to the level pivot. A pre-set load is attached to view the conduct of the sample.

Edge Crush Test assures accurate result and is favoured over the blasting test. It provides sufficient data about the conduct of the sample under continuous working conditions. Flat Crush Tester has a wide usage all over the world. Pacorr is a major producer, exporter and supplier of testing machine and offers a wide variety of edge crush tester that are precise and accurate enough to provide a to the point analysis of the strength of the materials that are used for manufacturing of packaging boxes. With the help of this testing instrument, the manufacturers can easily ensure that quality of the materials they are using is of best level and is capable of delivering the desired results.