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The packaging containers are the backbone of the industries as they are meant to package and protect the products produced in the industries. The manufacturers need to ensure that the products reach the customers without any damage and retain its quality. The manufacturers need to focus on the quality of the packaging of the products they intend use so that the products could stay protected and retain its quality. During transit and storage, the packages are stacked over each other that mean they are subjected to a lot of compressive forces.

Industry Concern
When the boxes are stored in stacks, it is inevitable that they will be subjected to extreme compressive force that can easily damage the integrity of the packaging boxes. This is great threat to the quality of the products. This is why, the manufacturers of the packaging containers need to ensure that the boxes have enough compressive strength so that they could survive the extreme compression that could deform and damage the boxes. Using an under-strength packaging box is not only threat for the integrity of the products but also can degrade the quality of the products before they are delivered to the customers. It is essential for the manufacturers need to ensure the best strength and quality of the packaging containers with the help of highly precise and accurate testing machine such a box compression test.

Box Compression Tester
The box compression tester is a very sophisticated and precise testing instrument that allows the manufacturers to test the strength of the packaging containers such as corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and paper boxes with great precision. The instrument consists of two compressive plates where the specimen is placed and then there is compressive force applied on the specimen with the help of movable plates. The force is displayed on the digital meter given with the instrument. The force is applied to the specimen until the specimen is deformed or deflected. The maximum that the specimen can bear without having a deflection is stored in the digital display and gives the compressive strength of the specimen.

Box Compression Tester

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Pacorr’s Box Compression Tester
Pacorr is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Box Compression Tester that is being used in the industries for testing the compressive strength of the packaging containers that are further used in different industries. The instrument comes with two varying sized plates that are used for application of compressive during the testing procedure. The instruments is designed with a digital display and an ‘S’ type load cell that accurately record and display the test results with great accuracy and precision. The instrument is fabricated with high grade mild steel that give the device a better longevity and service life without making any compromise to the precision and accuracy of the instrument.

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