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The products that are purchased from grocery to consumer goods and textiles to industrial products are packed and sealed safely to be shipped and delivered. Due to this reason, the products are to be packed and sealed safely to be shipped and delivered. The quality of the packaging products has a great importance in international market. Now a days, corrugated boxes are one of the most common and most trusted packaging materials used in wide variety.

There are several factors utilised to identify the strength and quality of the corrugated boxes used for packaging. Bursting factor, hardness, tearing resistance, compressibility, etc. that helps you to understand the strength and endurance of the packaging boxes. Bursting Strength Tester – Digital Model is a well-known testing equipment in the packaging industry for corrugated box manufacturers.

The bursting factor of the paper is bursting strength divided by the basic weight of paper in grams per square meter. The bursting strength gives you the amount of pressure the paper can bear before it bursts. It varies with the weight of paper. Bursting strength is measured by exerting the greatest hydrostatic pressure needed to burst the paper utilised in manufacturing the corrugated box. The measurement of bursting strength is printed on the box to provide the handlers and consumers an estimated strength of the boxes. Burst Strength Tester is digitally operated and has a wide area digital display screen.

Bursting strength is measured by a test. The paper is held between two clamps and pulled tight to create uniform pressure throughout the material. The pressure the paper can hold in this state is the bursting strength. The structure of the paper determines its strength. Additionally providing a cushioning effect, the corrugated paper also increases the strength of the boxes.

Significance of bursting factor in packaging
The bursting factor helps to identify the durability of the corrugated boxes against external and internal factors. It determines the extent to which the corrugated boxes can protect the products that are packed and stored in them. Choosing the appropriate corrugated boxes and tests like bursting factor help you determine the right box for you. Choosing weaker corrugated box increases risk of products getting damaged and stronger box increases cost.

Bursting strength tester

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Product and goods are packed, are handled in various occasions such as shipping, movement around warehouse and in home. Rough movements affect the goods and packaging. So, the more developed Bursting Strength Tester Machine is used to safeguard the packaged products.