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Working environment plays an important role in deciding the longevity and quality of the products and materials. Corrosive environment can cause the materials to deteriorate at a faster rate and cause them to be weaker and lead to early failure. Now when the products are sued under high stress conditions, unexpected failure can be hazardous. This why the manufacturers of the products need to understand that the quality of the products need to tested for environmental impacts so that it could be ensured that the material is able to survive such corrosive conditions. To test this, the manufacturers need to conduct tests such as CASS and salt spray test that are conducted in closed chambers and controlled conditions to determine the impact of various environmental conditions on the quality and performance of the materials and products.

There is regularly disarray among the makers whether to use impartial salt spray test or CASS test. Which test strategy could get better outcomes? Settling on a decision would be hard for them as clients request test results explicitly dependent on techniques like ASTM B117. Indeed, there is a thought that nonpartisan salt spray tester is more well-known than CASS tester and gives more solid outcomes. In all actuality, both the tests give an assessment of the conduct of the item in genuine working conditions. At times, makers are eager to play out the whole test according to their customers’ interest. Pacorr offers various models of salt spray testing machine to satisfy the solicitation of the customers. Then again, read on further on the off chance that you are eager to comprehend the appropriateness of the test method for your industry.

There are three kinds of test techniques followed
• Neutral Spray
• Acetic Acid Spray
• Copper Accelerated Spray

Be that as it may, the decision is made subsequent to dissecting the sort of covering. Acidic Acid Salt Spray and Copper-Accelerated Salt Spray (otherwise called AASS and CASS separately), are generally utilized for electrodeposited copper/nickel/chromium coatings, nickel/chromium coatings, and in some cases anodic coatings on aluminium.

Then again, the impartial salt spray is utilized for metal, amalgams, metallic covering, anodic oxide covering and natural coatings.

What’s more, this turns into the obligation of the maker to cause the customers to comprehend that there is no compelling reason to play out all the tests when reason can be served by one test. To pick the best test strategy, first, you need to examine the sort of the covering on the item. Nonetheless, there are numerous other test techniques that are followed likewise, these tests produce a cyclic destructive climate to relate it more to the ongoing conduct.

CASS Test Procedure
Copper Accelerated Salt Spray is utilized to start the consumption of the surface covering. The example is put in the machine chamber with approx. temperature range 37°C. The length of the test can be eluded from the testing standard that is being followed.

Salt Spray Tester

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Aside from investigating the salt spray life, the CASS tester helps in recognizing the relapse in the creation cycle throughout the long term. The nature of covering ought to remain year after years to keep up the principles. Be that as it may, because of progress in procedures or labor force or machines, there is regularly some relapse all the while. To recognize the provisos and falls in quality, this test strategy is exceptionally valuable.

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