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Ozone Test Chamber manufacturers and suppliers offer a very precise and accurate testing instrument for the quality testing of rubber materials and products. Quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to the rubber products. The Rubber products are sued in so many critical; applications that it is important that the materials used for making such products is of high grade and is able to provide the best performance even under the harshest working conditions. In many applications, the rubber is exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as heat, radiation and so forth. These environmental factors can cause the rubber to deteriorate eventually leading to failure.






    The manufacturers of the rubber products need to ensure that they conduct all the testing procedures on the rubber materials as well as the products to ensure that their products will be able to withstand the extreme pressure that is levied on them. The Ozone chamber is used for testing the impact on the rubber materials when it is exposed to Ozone for a significant duration. The instrument is designed to accurately assess the resistance of the rubber products against ozone so that the manufacturers could ensure the best performance of the products under such conditions.

    Pacorr is one of the most reliable ozone test chamber manufacturers and suppliers offering a very precise testing instrument to the rubber industries. Due to ozone exposure, the rubber components deteriorate at a faster rate. This causes the rubber to fail early. In order to maintain the high level of quality, the manufacturers of the rubber products need to ensure that the quality of products is so high that it is able to withstand the ozone exposure without causing failure. The Ozone test chamber offered by Pacorr is helpful for the manufacturers in testing the various aspects of rubber quality such as aging, rubber stress cracking and so forth. It is also use for testing the rubber products with some static tensile deformation such a thermoplastic rubber, vulcanized rubber, cable insulations, etc.

    The specimen is placed in the inner compartment where it is exposed to the focussed ozone for a specific amount of time. Then the specimen is taken out and studied for the changes. The advanced testing instrument offered by Pacorr is designed by following all the quality testing standards including ASTM D1149-18 and ISO 1431-3:2017. The volume of the testing chamber is 125 litres which provides ample space to test varying sizes of specimen. The LCD monitor allows easy monitoring and control of ozone level in the chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is controlled with a digital PID controller. The humidity range of the inner chamber can vary from ambient to 95% RH. The instrument is easy to install and comes with easy and energy efficient operation. It can be used for both dynamic and static testing of rubber products under concentrated ozone environment. With the Ozone Test Chamber from Pacorr, the manufacturers of rubber products can ensure that their products are best for use in environments where ozone concentration is high.

    • Model: PC-OZ-14
    • Chamber Volume: 125 Litres
    • Ozone Monitor: LCD Screen
    • Temperature Controller: Digital
    • Ozone Sensor Type: Electro-Mechanical
    • Temperature Range: Ambient to +70°C
    • Temperature Stability: ±2°C
    • Temperature Uniformity: ±2°C
    • Humidity Range: Ambient to 95%RH
    • Ozone Concentration: 50 to 1000 PPHM
    • Timer: Upto 999 Hours
    • Rotational speed of sample holder: 5 rpm
    • Dynamic Pull Frequency:60 Pulls per min.
    • Internal Dimensions (W x H x D): 500mm x 500mm x 500 mm
    • Test Gas Flow Rate: 1- 5 Litres per minute
    • Construction of Chamber:
    • A. Inner Chamber: SS 304
    • B. Outer Chamber: MS Powder Coated
    • Type of Test: Static & Dynamic testing
    • Ozone Diffuser: Yes, Enabled
    • Power Supply: Single Phase, 230 V AC, 50Hz
    • Economical, energy efficient and versatile design
    • High-tech insulation system
    • Highly Reliable & Smooth Operation
    • Programmable PID microprocessor based operation
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Static and dynamic test setup