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Salt spray Chamber HMI touch screen manufacturers and providers offer a very precise and highly accurate testing instrument that can be used in many different industries to test the impact of the environmental factors on the quality as well as the performance of the materials. In industries, the working environments are very harsh and they can easily cause the quality of the materials to degrade and leading to eventual failure.






    The manufacturers hence need to ensure that they produce high quality materials and products that have a better endurance against these corrosive environments and can deliver the best performance. Majorly materials that are subjected to corrosion in the corrosive industrial environments include metals, Polymeric products, plastic products and so forth. In order to assure the better quality of these materials and products, there is a need to proper assessment of the products with accurate testing procedures and equipment’s. The Salt Spray Chamber HMI touch screen is a very efficient testing instrument that can be used for testing the impact of the environmental factors on the products when they are used in industries.

    Pacorr is one of the most premium manufacturers and suppliers of highly efficient Salt Spray Chamber HMI touch screen that have been used in industries for the assessment of the durability and performance of the products and materials when they are subjected to the highly corrosive environments in which they are used. In the industrial working environments, when there is a operation going on, then there are different types chemicals and chemical fumes involved. These chemical components can easily cause corrosion of the materials that are used in the industries at that time. Additionally, when we consider the ambient environment as well, it can also lead to corrosion and decay of materials due to dust, pollution, moisture etc. This is why the manufacturers must test the quality and performance of the products in such working condition using proper protocols and instruments.

    The Salt Spray Chamber HMI touch screen is a highly efficient and precise testing instrument that is used in the industries for testing the performance of the materials produced in the industries. In this way, the instrument is very helpful for the manufacturers in ensuring better quality of products delivered to the clients. The instrument comes with a closed chamber made form High grade stainless steel which can be used for replicating the actual working conditions for the material. The instrument has been incorporated with a glass wool insulation that prevents any heat from escaping the chamber. The temperature range to which the instrument can be operated varies from Ambient to 400C. There is a touch screen human machine interface given with the device that helps in its easy and convenient operation. With the help of the Salt Spray Chamber HMI Touch Screen, it is very easy for the manufacturers to test the ability of the products to withstand the harsh working conditions and hence ensure better quality of the products delivered to the clients.

    • Display : Touch Screen Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Chamber Temperature Range : Ambient to 400C
    • Test Chamber Temperature Range : 350C ± 20C
    • Chamber Temperature Least Count : 0.10C
    • Chamber Temperature Repeatability : ±20C
    • Air Saturator Temperature Range : 400C -490C
    • Air Saturator Temperature Least Count : 0.10C
    • Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability : ±20C
    • pH value of Salt Solution : 6.5 to 7.2 pH
    • Temperature Control : Inbuilt PID Temperature Controller
    • Timer : 6 Digits Hour Meter
    • Test Air Pressure : 0.7 Kg/cm2& 1.2 Kg/cm2
    • Air Regulator : 0. To 30 psi
    • Easy operation
    • Air Saturator
    • Water Low Level Alarm
    • Fog Collection Funnel
    • Door Opening
    • Air Saturator Auto Refilling
    • High grade Stainless Steel (316 Grade) Material
    • Over Temperature Alarm
    • Reservoir Float Valve

    • *Compressed Air Requirement: approx. 7 cfm (Air Compression not a part of supply)
      * Main air-line pressure regulator with filter in customer scope.


    • Online pH meter
    • Table top pH meter
    • Humidity Indicator and stand alone sensor

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