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Perpendicularity Tester manufacturers and suppliers offer a very precise testing instruments that can be use in testing the quality standards of the preforms that are further used in the PET industries. In the PET industries where PET bottles and containers are manufactured, it is essential that the quality of these bottles produced is of ace level so that it could be ensured that they will be able to perform in manner that is expected.






    As these bottles are used for packaging products that are directly consumed by the consumers such as water, aerated drinks, food products and so forth, the bottles need to provide complete protection from the external factors such as contaminants, pollutants and so forth. This is the reason the best quality of PET bottles is required. In order to ensure that best quality of PET bottles is obtained the PET preforms also must be tested for their quality as well. The Perpendicularity Tester is the best testing instrument that can be used for testing the quality of the preforms with great accuracy and precision.

    Pacorr is the most prominent Perpendicularity Tester manufacturers and suppliers that offer a very highly precise testing instrument for the PET and preform industries. The PET industries that are involved in manufacturing of PET bottles need to have it in mind that these bottles are used for packaging of a variety of different products ranging from liquid drinks, food products, medicines and industrial chemicals. The whole concept of packaging ensures that the [products inside the packaging should remain safe and retain its integrity during the storage and handling process. For that purpose, the PET bottles need to be of best quality so that they could retain their strength and performance even in the harsh transit and storage conditions. The manufacturers of the bottles need to keep this in mind that the quality of PET bottles is very delicate and can be altered from even a slightest deviation in the manufacturing process. There is a requirement keep a check on the manufacturing process from the beginning. The most basic thing that must be checked for quality is the PET preform that is used for making PET bottles by blowing them. If the [preforms are not of best quality, they cannot be used for blowing a good quality PET bottles. One of the most important qualities of the preforms is theperpendicularity. If the preform is not straight it cannot be used for making a good bottle.

    The Perpendicularity Tester offered by Pacorr is one of the best testing instruments that can be used for testing the perpendicularity of the preforms with a great accuracy. The instrument has a vast range and hence can measure preforms ranging from 0 to 10 mm. It has a least count of 0.001 mm. The device comes with a digital display for easy reading of the results. With the help of this instrument, it becomes very easy for the manufacturers to verify the accuracy of the shape and size of the preforms and hence ensure the best quality of the PET bottles.

    • Accuracy- 0.1%
    • Range – 0-12mm
    • Least count – 0.001mm
    • LCD Display- Digital
    • Approx. Weight – 4 Kg

    Why is Perpendicularity tester used?

    For ensuring the best quality of the PET bottles, it is essential that preforms that are used for making the PET bottles are also of the best quality. The perpendicularity tester tests the straightness of the preforms that are used for manufacturing PET bottles.

    What is the accuracy of the instrument?

    The instrument is designed to give a high accuracy of 0.1% along with a least count of 0.001 mm.

    How is the reading of the testing is obtained?

    The instrument is given with an digital LCD display that allows easy and accurate measurement reading during the testing procedure.

    Is the instrument portable?

    Yes. The instrument is easily portable and can be moved easily. To maintain the easy portability of the instrument it has been kept light weight with a maximum weight of 4 kilograms.