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Ultra-Low deep freezer manufacturers and suppliers offer a very high precision instrument that can be used in many different industries and laboratories. In many industries, the temperature plays a very important role in maintaining the quality of the products as well as the raw materials. The temperature can have a decisive impact on the physical as well as chemical properties of materials. For example, in the food industries, there is a need of very low temperatures to maintain the integrity of the products. Similarly in biological and pharmaceutical industries, there is a huge requirement of ultra-low temperature to maintain the require ambient conditions of trials and experimentation of different microorganisms and pharmaceutical products.






    For this, there is a requirement of a device that could reach the ultra-low temperatures required for the procedures. The industrial Ultra-Low Deep Freezer offered by Pacorr can be the best instrument to be used in industries as well as the laboratories to attain the ultra-low temperature required for different manufacturing processes as well as experimentation processes.

    Pacorr is amongst the best Ultra-Low Deep Freezer (-50 Degree C) manufacturers and suppliers offering one of the most accurate and precise instrument that is used in different industries and laboratories for attaining the extremely low temperatures required for different applications. In the pharmaceutical industries, there are many different products and compounds that require different ambient conditions to remain intact and retain their features. The temperature is one such ambient factor that can have a great impact on the physical as well as the chemical structure of any sensitive chemical compound. This is why the pharmaceutical companies have to take care of the fact that their products and materials are stored at the best applicable temperature range. There are some compounds that need ultra-low temperatures to retain their quality. Similarly in the biologic industries, there are different kinds of microorganisms that need to be stored for further research and experimentation. These microorganisms as well as other products like cell cultures, plasma, serums, stem cells need to be stored at a temperature that can keep them alive or send them to the state of hibernation so that they could be used in future. This kind of temperature is ultra-low and cannot be achieved through conventional cooling apparatus but they need specialized devices that are capable of achieving such low temperatures. The rubber and polymer industries need to test their products at ultra-low temperatures to test their behaviour and performance at such temperatures. These test are important as many of these products have to perform at such temperatures without failure.

    Pacorr’s Ultra-Low Deep Freezer is an ideal instrument that can be used for attaining ultra-low temperatures up to -500. The instrument is made from high grade stainless steel and is capable of handling such low temperatures. There are digital displays given with the machine to monitor the temperature from outside. There is a PLC based HMI controller that ensures accurate temperature maintenance in the chamber. There is a thick layer of PUF insulation to protect the inner temperature from external factors and ensure greater accuracy and precision.

    • Model: PCDF125
    • Volume :125 Liters
    • Inner dimensions: 455 X 455 X 609 mm (W x D x H)
    • Temperature range: -10°C to -50°C
    • Sensor type :PT100
    • Shelves: 8 Nos. Steel wire mesh shelves (removable)
    • Inner chamber: Stainless steel 304
    • External cabinet: Corrosion resistant stainless steel
    • External door: Self-closing insulated door with magnetic door gasket & lock & key
    • Defrost mode: Automatic
    • Compressor quantity: 1 Nos.
    • Refrigerant: R134a or R404a
    • Compressorv: EMERSION COPELAND or EMBRACO make compressor with copper pipe evaporator
    • Cooling method: Direct cooling
    • Controller
    • PLC based HMIcontroller
    • LCD color touch screendisplay
    • Display of current status ofmachine
    • Temperature and timesettings
    • In-built datarecording
    • USB port to transfer data into pendrive
    • Insulation: Thick layer of PUF insulation
    • Mounting: Caster wheels
    • Power supply: 220 Volts 50Hz
    • Ambient temperature: Below 32°C

    What is the function of ultra-low deep freezer?

    The function of ultra-low deep freezer is that it creates extremely low temperatures that are then used for testing the quality and behaviour of different materials and products under such low temperature situations.

    What Industries can make use of the instrument?

    The instrument is highly useful in a variety of industries where there is a requirement of testing of products at an extremely low temperature. The instrument can be used for testing in industries such as metal industries, rubber industries and food industries.

    What is the temperature range that can be attained with the instrument?

    The instrument can easily range the low temperature range of -100 C to -500 C that is required in several industries laboratories for testing purposes.

    What controls are given with the instrument?

    The instrument is given with the HMI controls that allow easy and accurate operation of the instruments.