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Water bath digital manufacturers and suppliers have been dedicated in providing the best testing instrument that is being used in industries for many different purposes. In the industries, when the material is being tested, there many different quality tests run on the specimen of the materials. Mostly in microbiology and textile industries, many times there is a requirement for the samples to incubate them in high temperatures.






    The high temperatures help in faster and accelerated incubation of the samples and hence increase the speed of testing procedures. IN the industries where there is a use of enzymes, there is a need for higher temperature in a closed environment for a longtime for enzymatic and serologic tests. The digital water bath is the instrument that can be used in industries for achieving required elevated temperatures and used to conduct the microbiological and serological experiments.

    Pacorr is one is the most renowned Water Bath Digital manufacturers and suppliers offering the best quality testing instruments to the industries. In industries such as microbiology or serology, the culture development is a very important step to conduct any experiment. If the culture development is not done in a proper manner then it can botch the experimental data and can compromise with the accuracy of the results. There are many different factors that are needed to be monitored in order to ensure the right culture development. The particulate free environment, right moisture, light and temperature are some of the factors that are important for culture development. The right temperature is very important as the deviation in temperature can easily kill the culture during the incubation period. This is why, during the incubation period the temperature must be kept at a constant value so that there are no changes in the properties of the culture being developed. Along with these industries, the textile industries also need steady high temperature for conditioning of the samples such as mercerizing, de-sizing, dyeing, whitening and so forth. High temperatures are also needed to increase the water absorbency of the textile samples.

    The water bath digital is the best machine that can be used for maintaining a constant temperature during the incubation period of the micro-biological cultures. The instrument comes with a stainless steel structure that keeps the temperature isolated from external effects. The glass wool included between the walls of the machine helps in giving the complete isolation of the temperature. In addition to that, the instrument is also given with a digital display which helps in convenient monitoring of the temperature of the chamber so that it could be managed efficiently. A high quality PID temperature controller is used for regulating the temperature inside the chamber. The motorized stirrer given with the machine is efficient in maintaining the required temperature with great accuracy. With the help of this instrument, the users of microbiology industries and textile industries can ensure the best treatment of their test samples and cultures with accurate maintenance of temperature for best results.

    • Model: PCWB-1
    • Volume: 40 Ltrs.
    • Display: LED (Digital)
    • Accuracy: ± 2ºC
    • Least Count/Resolution: 1ºC
    • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Motor Type: Stirrer Motor
    • Motor Capacity: 1/5 HP
    • Temperature Range: Up to 90ºC
    • Very high accuracy for precise process.
    • Digital display for accurate setting.
    • Stainless steel inner body for better corrosion resistance.

    What is the use of water bath in industries?

    The water bath is a very useful testing instrument in the industrial labs where there is a need to incubate a sample or specimen in higher temperatures.

    Which industries can use the instrument?

    The instrument is ideal for use in industries such as textile industries, microbiology, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, food industry and so forth.

    How the temperature in the instrument monitored and controlled?

    The temperature in the instrument is controlled with the help of a PID temperature controller that gives a temperature range of 900C and the digital display given with the instrument is used for efficient monitoring of the temperature of the chamber.

    Which type of motor is fitted in the instrument?

    The instrument is fitted with a special stirrer motor that has a maximum capacity of 1.5 HP.

    What is the power requirement of the instrument?

    The instrument requires a Single Phase AC of rating 220 V, 50 Hz and 15 amperes.