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Manufacturers believe in quality packaging to build brand image. The outer packaging is important to the product that is packed inside. PET bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. PET bottles are known for their glass like transparency and are 400% light weighted than glass.

PET containers are replacing glasses in most of the packaging sectors. Be it used for packaging of sauces, special oils glass or liquor, it has been replaced by PET material as it is transparent and is 100% Food grade along with odourless. A very few manufacturers of PET materials products really test quality aspects of the bottle and therefore conduct bottle burst test. There is wide thinking that after conducting so many quality assurance tests, there is no need to conduct bottle burst test.

It is important to perform the test as PET materials are the most trustworthy materials which are perfect to be transported and supports various environmental conditions. Every aspect should be taken care so that there is no product failure. Bottle Burst Tester is used to enhance the PET bottle quality.

Bursting is a major problem that occurs in the warehouses and at the time of transit. They usually burst when moved from one location to another in the sleeve wrapped position. Bottle Burst Strength Tester puts pressure from within the bottle till it bursts. The amount of pressure it can bear before it bursts is recorded on the display screen. Installed with a cylindrically shaped cavity, it is used to hold the bottles to be tested.

Bottle burst tester

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PET is one of the most consistent and reliable form of packaging materials. They not only transmit liquids and oils but also various forms of solids, granules, powder etc. Manufacturers should perform this test by following standards of authorised organisations. Pacorr’s Bottle Burst Tester determines the bursting strength of PET bottles.


  • Test running status display
  • This device is used for the assessment of expansion volume, burst strength, and wall thickness of PET bottles
  • The machine is equipped with latest HMI touchscreen for excellent system control
  • It comes with USB interface for data storing
  • The Strong clamping mechanism is available to hold the bottle.
  • Digital Pre-set Timer function ensures high accuracy and repeatability

  • Specifications:

  • The display is HMI based touch screen
  • Pressure test range up to 260 psi
  • Accuracy ± 2% at a full range
  • Input pressure is Maximum 290 psi
  • Pressure Unit kg/cm2, psi, bar
  • The material used is Stainless steel and Mild steel
  • Dimensions 1430x665x1075 mm

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