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Customers who buy beverage drink products are very specific about the colors of the drink are supposed to be. So, beverage drinks brands have are more interested in creating powders that produce drinks of the same color. For beverage drink manufacturers, it is important to ensure that the powder matches the established standards of their parent company. To accomplish that the powder in its final mixture combination is passed through many objective color quality control procedures.

Artificial colors are used to drinks other than those sourced from nature. Consumers pay special attention to coloring ingredients. Color is so important that 60% of consumers all over the world break their deal due to absence of artificial colorants as they are important for their purchasing decision. A Portable Spectrophotometer is used to assess the color of beverages as per standard.

The quality control process is crucial to the bottom line of beverage manufacturers. Ant failures to meet color standards depict the loss of packaging and delivery costs, equipment time, materials, employee time. Failing repeatedly to satisfy the standards of the client company leads to a loss in sales to various competitors.

The dry mixture is not the same color as the desired liquid. Based on laboratory color testing, brands have established standards for dry powders that consistently result in the proper liquid shade. The necessity of creating an objective standard for comparing leads to the usage of proper color measuring device over the subjectivity of the human eye.

Color perception is influenced by texture. The angle of specular reflection from a printed sample, linked on a flat medium varies from the angles reflected by a powder if they are illuminated with the same incident light. When matching powder to premixed samples, the human eye is be fooled by variations in lighting and lacks the specific nature and reproducibility of machine measurements. Also, unable to convert colors into numerical values,it is difficult to quantify their observations. Therefore, it is important to use aproper testing device to do the work.

Portable Spectrophotometer

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The Portable Spectrophotometer by Pacorr measures the color of objects—solids, liquids, and sometimes under specific conditions, gases, by utilizing reflected light. The device converts this measurement into numerical coordinates on the CIE L*a*b* scale. This numerical precision permits for an accurate match of color. While other color matching methods exist, like comparing powder to printed samples or premixed powder samples, these do not match the level of precision possible with the device.

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