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Color analysis of plastic and polymer plays an important role to create new products. Manufacturing coatings, plastic goods, or textiles, represents today’s market is which is equal for all. To have colour stability in your product, the color analysis must be done to sell it in the market. According to the latest trend, most of the customers decide to buy a product within 90 seconds, and a large part of that decision depends upon the colour. Therefore to maintain the brand and high-profit selling, it is important for a manufacturer to increase its colour consistency using high standard colour quality testing.

The industries are changing at a rapid speed. So, the manufacturers must ensure quality and introduce testing methods. The top brands now a days are demanding more consistency in color. To maintain a position in the market, the industry must develop standards to improve color control.

Various item is manufactured at distinct regions and parts of the country. So, the manufacturers assemble parts that are produced at various plants in distinct areas of the world. Items manufactured at the distinct area and assembled in one final location face the problem related to color. Such as a car with coatings and plastic, a ski jacket with a nylon shell, plastic buttons, knit sleeves and a metal zipper. So, how can you ensure that everything matches when it is assembled if different people are evaluating and producing?

After assembling parts of final production and package for shipment, it is important to perform quality check lastly to assure that all the parts are fulfilling the requirement. Earlier detection of errors removes issues related to rejection call from final users.

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The many ways to manage color are visual evaluation and moving up to connected solutions i.e. combinations of software and hardware that give more accuracy and consistency.

Visual comparison of the color of a product against a standard is the primary focus in visual evaluation. But there are many disagreements with suppliers and customers related to its color applications. Many people are not skilled enough to visually evaluate color and various lighting conditions that leads to variable assessments as the perception of color may be different for different people.

The most common color testing method is visually evaluating the product under predefined lighting conditions. The product may be compared by placing a sample under various lighting conditions like fluorescent, daylight, incandescent etc. that ensures a manufacturer in color accuracy and consistency in actual lighting conditions. Using the right Colour Matching Cabinet helps in conducting the test efficiently.