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Caps and closure play an important role in Bottle Packaging industry as they seal the top opening of a bottle or container. However, manufacturers need to take them seriously as failure to it can lead to poor sealing condition and content leakage. They also need to be tested under multiple test conditions so that the quality of closure can be assured. Torque test for caps and closures is one of the most vital tests of all. It is carried out using improved Torque Testing Instruments. The test opens up the amount of torque force that must be applied to open and close the container closure. With the evaluation of a particular amount of torque, one can compare the quality with the standard requirement and can also pass or fail the inspected sample easily.

Cap torque tester is a bottle cap testing device that is used to evaluate the minimum amount of torque applied to open or close the cap. The test values can be seen on the display screen in digital format. The display screen operates using a microprocessor based unit. It is also equipped with an LED light source. User can set the zero or tare value for the test and peak value can also be recorded. There are four anti-slip grips which are used to grab the bottle sample in between tightly. Slight slippage can lead to faulty test reports.

Torque Tester is an efficient device which is used for conducting torque test for caps and closures. Designed specially to evaluate the quality of the container closure system. The machine measures the amount of force required to open a bottle cap or to close it. It may amaze you but leading brands of beverage packaging have their highly talented research team which decides a particular amount of torque for the bottle cap. And as per that ever cap should be designed and packed. Bottles closure need to follow specified force measurement otherwise it will fail in the filling line.

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In-built calibration feature permits the user to set test equipment as per their company standards. Torque value is calculated to precise decimals with torque sensors. The sample clamps are adjustable for various size and shapes of bottles. Up to 9 sample readings can be recorded at a time. Safety lock allotted in the machine to avoid noting the additional torque.

To start the Bottle Cap Torque Test, the sample bottle is first clamped nicely using the grips. User should le=”Bottle Cap Torque Test”be careful to apply opening force on the closure and see a value recorded on screen – this would be the opening torque and similarly a closing torque can be measured.