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The PET bottles are widely used for packaging of a variety of products. These products include soft-drinks, medicines, food products and so forth. The PET bottles are the first choice of packaging of liquid products because they offer high strength and safety to the products. In addition to that, the PET bottles (PET/ Preform Testing Instruments) are inert and non-reactive hence do not release any harmful chemicals when come in contact with the food items. In the soft drink packaging, the cap features are vital in the application of forces and perception of the activity. Capping is important in ensuring product quality, stability and freshness. Torque tester plays a crucial role and affects the overall accuracy. Recent manufacturing operations are concerned with stripped and loose caps that have an impact on the product freshness, stability, durability and leakage. Moisture sensitive products need integrity of container closure and the seal to be maintained.

Loose caps leads to product and package issues as the loss of nitrogen in non-carbonated drinks or carbon dioxide in sodas. There can be an addition of moisture to a dry product which leads to contamination, change in taste, discoloration etc.

Cap torque testing in the past was simple as taking a container from the production line and checking how tight the cap felt. Industries have shifted to more objective measurement devices such as Cap Torque Tester due to the subjective feeling of cap tightness over time.

Product liability, compatibility, versatility, ergonomic issues made capping and torque testing much more than placing the cap on a bottle and turning it by hand. Due to this reason, automated torque testers have emerged.

Automated testers provide a great way to reduce operator variation, it is important to know all the process variables that affect the torque test results. The cap torque in PET bottles is a crucial factor to be determined in the production line. This property is used to identify the quality of PET containers which must be checked from time to time to reduce accidental factor. The strong opening and closing strength of the bottle caps, torque test must be performed using appropriate torque testing machine like Digital Torque Tester.

Torque Tester Digital

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Torque Tester is a popular testing machine used to measure torque force at which the bottle can be opened or closed. It is used almost throughout the PET products manufacturing industries to check the quality which is conducted before the initiation of the packaging process. It determines the torque tolerances of the PET bottle caps. The sample is kept in between the anti-slip holders for gripping strongly. Torque Tester is used to test PET bottles when subjected to a load under twisting. It is provided with a digital display that allows easy reading of the test results.

Some of the features are:

  • Accurate torque sensor for precise test data
  • Rigid clamping holders for zero slip gripping of bottles
  • Easy to use with LED display screen for easy read out.

  • Pacorr offers the best range of torque tester digital that designed to test the PET bottles and their cap sealing efficiency. The instrument comes with sturdy fabrication and is designed for accurate measurement.