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PET bottles that are used in the soft drink industries for packaging of aerated drinks need to have enormous strength as they are subjected to huge amount of pressure when they are filled. PET bottles must undergo soft drink bottle burst test and indispensable quality control test in the jug bundling industry. PET bottles are used in industries for the bottling of various products and carbonated drinks. The pressurised gas is kept inside the bottle that applies a high measure of weight on the holder dividers. The major problem with the bottling of carbonated drink is that the PET bottles burst easily under high pressure and due to low quality of bottles. For this reason, it is important to conduct a test procedure that guarantees the bottle resistance against requires measure if weight.

Manufacturers of PET bottles must test the burst strength of the bottles using appropriate testing methods and testing equipment. Touchscreen Model of Bottle Burst Tester is essential for testing the strength of the bottles. It evaluates the definite interior quality of the containers by applying a pre-set measure of weight on the sample. It can facilitate the genuine performance of PET containers under expanding inner weight.

The Bottle Burst Testing Machine is furnished with a weight hold office that keeps an accurate record of the connected weight between the test and the weight an incentive at which the compartment neglect to support and blast. It has a digital clock to control the sample timing. It has a dimension of test clasping methods that ensures zero slippage of the sample and no weight misfortune between the tests.

PET bottle Burst Tester complies with ASTM C147-86 (2015) which can be seen as the perfect test standard used for checking the nature of PET containers used to convey pressurised refreshments. A computerised based presentation to have test perused out of most exact qualities. Pneumatic controls are used to work with weights. An error free pneumatic weight control can be seen as the chief weight managing method.

Bottle burst tester

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The sample clipping can be upgraded by affixing the container with a rotational dimension arm. Automatic weight hold office is recorded. In between the test, the weight at which the bottle neglects to oppose and blast are recorded. Touch screen model of PET Bottle Pressure Tester is one of the best-suited machines that can be used for testing the strength of the bottles.

Features are:

  • Digital Pre-set Timer functions incorporated for accuracy and reproducibility
  • Rigid clamping mechanism to conduct tests
  • Inbuilt pressure settings using HMI screen
  • Current test running status display
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel test chamber
  • Fully automatic test after easy setting
  • Highly accurate and precise test results using pneumatic pressure control