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Core Compression Tester- Digital manufacturers and suppliers have been offering the best quality testing instrument that can be used in industries like concrete and civil engineering to test the quality of various products and building materials. In many industries, there is use of various types of tubes and cylindrical structures for different purposes.






    These tubes are used for purposes that include very high amount of pressure and forces. The tubes have to bear crushing forces applied from side to side and hence these forces can easily cause these tubes and cylinders to deform, deflect and even fail during their usage. This is why the manufacturers of these concrete and composite tubes need to ensure that the quality of the products they manufacture is tested thoroughly and with proper equipment with great precision. The Core Compression Tester- Digital is the best testing instrument that can help in testing the core compressive strength of the products manufactured and hence ensure the delivery of only the best quality products to the customers.

    Pacorr comes under the best Core Compression Tester- Digital manufacturers and suppliers and has been helping the industries in ensuring the best quality of their products through accurate quality testing. The cylindrical tubes and structures are vastly used in many different industries. These structures are used for purposes where there is involvement of very high amounts of crushing forces from all sides. As these cylindrical structures are used at very critical places, it is essential that the strength of these products is checked thoroughly and precisely to ensure that they will be able to bear the crushing forces that are applied on them during usage. The manufacturers of the products must understand that if the quality of the products is low then their strength will also be lowered and this will cause easy deformation of the tubes and cylinder and cause them fail easily. This can prove to be a very prominent safety threat. This raises a demand for precise and accurate testing of the core compressive strength of the tubes used in industries so that they could bear the core compression forces without failure. The Core Compression Tester- Digital is the best machine that can be used for testing the compressive strength of the cores of the tubes and cylinders used for industrial purposes.

    The instrument offered by Pacorr is one of the best for testing the tube strength, for testing, the tube sample is measured for its core diameter and then it is placed on the compression tester. The compression load is applied on the sample at a constant rate until the core of the sample is deformed. This force is recorded in the machine and gives the reading for the core compression strength of the sample. The instrument comes with a microprocessor based digital display that helps in accurate reading of the test results. It has tare and peak hold facility that helps in repetitive testing of the samples with great accuracy. With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers of the concrete cylindrical structures and pipes can make sure that the quality of the products is of best level.

  • Model :- PCCCT – 1
  • Capacity: 1000Kgf
  • Display: LCD with Backlit
  • Accuracy: ± 2% full scale of FSD
  • Least Count: 100gm
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Test Plate Dimensions: As per the Core/ Cone Specifications.
  • Speed Drive: 10mm/min to 100mm/min.
    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform compression Force
    • Rugged double column structure.
    • TARE and Peak Hold Facility Available
    • Over travel protection
    • Strong base plate with rugged structure
    • Digital Display LCD with backlit
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