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Notch Cutter-Motorized manufacturers and suppliers make sure that they are able to provide the best precision testing instruments for the plastic industries so that the quality of the products could be controlled in an effective manner. IN the plastic industries, different products are manufactured with different physical strength and composition according to the usage purpose and working environment. For products that have to bear heavy forces and impacts, it is important that the products have enough physical strength and endurance to ensure that the products will be able to survive the impacts and forces without any fracture, breakage or failure.






    If the products are not strong enough, they can easily fail during their usage and can cause safety threats in the working environments. To ensure that the products have enough strength to face such heavy forces, it is essential that they are tested for their strength and endurance. There is a test called CHARPY and IZOD impact test which can be used for testing the strength of the products and materials used in the plastic industries and determine their behavior when they are subjected to high amplitude impact forces. In order to precisely perform the test, the specimen should be prepared accurately in accordance to the testing standards prescribed. The Notch Cutter-Motorized can be a very useful instrument in preparation of the specimen nd hence ensure highest accuracy of the testing procedure.

    Pacorr is the most prominent Notch Cutter-Motorized manufacturers and suppliers that has been offering the most accurate testing instruments for the plastic industries and ensure best quality assurance of the products. The manufacturers in the plastic industries need to ensure that they are able to produce high quality and high strength products. These products are to be used in different working environments in industries. As there are harsh working conditions industries including heavy impact forces and extreme working factors like temperature and pressure, it is essential that the plastic products have the essential endurance required to survive such harsh working conditions. The forces that act upon the plastic products can easily cause breakage of the products and causing them to fail completely which can be a great risk for the safety in the industries. This demands for through testing of strength of the products with great accuracy and precision. The IZOD/CHARPY Impact test is the most commonly used testing procedure for determining the endurance and strength of the plastics against the impact forces. This test determines the resistance that a specimen can offer against the fracture caused due to heavy impact forces. In order to ensure the best accuracy of the test results, the testing standards prescribe a certain dimension of the test specimen that must be prepared accordingly or it can compromise the accuracy of the data.

    Pacorr’s Notch Cutter-Motorized is the best instrument to prepare specimen for IZOD/CHARPY impact testing with great precision. The instrument is very easy to operate and comes with a motorized mechanism. There is a japan made micrometer incorporated in the device for best accuracy of the measurements. The range of the device is from 0 to 25mm with a least count of 0.01mm. This instrument can help in conducting the impact test on plastics with a great accuracy.

    • Motorized Operation.
    • Depth Micrometer: “Mitutoyo”-JapanMake.
    • Range: 0-25mm
    • L.C:0.01mm
    • Cutting Angle: 45deg.
    • Paint: PowderCoating
    • Power: 230 V AC, 1 Phase, 60Hz.

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