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Opacity Tester manufacturers and suppliers offer a very highly precise testing instrument that is used in different industries to test the opacity or transparency level of the products. In the plastic industry, there different types of plastics manufactured for different purposes. They are used for various purposes in industries as well as in the domestic usage. The manufacturers of plastic products have to attain different level of quality for different types of plastics. One such property is the opacity level of the products.






    For different purposes, there is a need for different levels of opacity hence the manufacturers of the products have to tweak the whole manufacturing process to some extent so that they could easily attain the desired level of opacity. In order to ensure that, the manufacturers also need to run the opacity test on the plastics so that the exact level of opacity could be assured. The Opacity tester is the best instrument to test the plastic manufactured for different purposes.

    Pacorr is one of the best Opacity Tester manufacturers and suppliers offering the most precise testing instrument for the plastic industries to test the opacity of the products manufactured by them. The opacity of an object can be termed as the amount of light that an object allows to pass through it. This property of objects is expressed in percentage. For plastic industries, it is essential that they are able to provide different transparency level for their products so that they could ensure usability of these products in their desired roles. To attain the desired level of transparency or opacity, there must be some significant changes done in the manufacturing process as well as the ingredients that are used for making the plastic products. But to determine how much change is required, it is essential to test the level of opacity that products has at a given point of time. To test the opacity level of plastics, the Opacity tester is one of the best testing instruments that can be used for such testing.

    Pacorr’s Opacity tester is a very precise testing instrument that works on the Principe of light refraction. The Instrument consists of a monochromatic light source that emits testing light. This light is received by the detector provided with the machine. To commence the test procedure, the specimen is taken from a batch of products and then it is placed between the source of light and detector. The light passes through the specimen and scattered to some angles. This scattered light is received by the detector and the opacity level of the specimen is recorded by calculating the amount of light that has been passed through the specimen and received by the detector.
    The instrument offered by Pacorr has a range to measure opacity from 0% to 99.9%. The results are displayed on the digital screen incorporated in the instrument. The instrument is designed to give highly precise testing results with a resolution of 0.01%.

    • Display: Digital (LED)
    • Range: 0-99.9%
    • Resolution: 0.01%
    • Direct Displays: % Opaque
    • Power: 230V AC, 50Hz
    • Paint: Powder Coated

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