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Preform Go-No GO Gauge manufacturers and suppliers provide the most accurate solutions for the PET and preform industries to ensure the accuracy of the preforms in their early stages. For the PET and preform industry, the quality of the products along with the accuracy of their dimensions is one of the most important aspects for client satisfaction.






    The dimensions of the products must be correct as the dimension has a very important role in providing better safety to the products inside them. If the dimensions of the PET bottles is not correct, it can cause a big problem as the incorrect dimensions can not only cause the incorrect estimation of the capacity of the containers but can also be a problem as the lids of the containers will not fit properly on the containers. The preform go-no go gauge can be very helpful in verifying the accuracy of the dimensions of the containers.

    Pacorr has been one of the premium Preform Go-No GO Gauge manufacturers and suppliers and has been providing the best testing solutions to the PET and preform industries for high quality assurance. The PET bottle and containers that are manufactured in industries has a very great responsibility of the providing the best level of safety to the products that will be packaged in them. To ensure this, it is essential that these containers have the best quality when they are delivered to the clients. The most important aspect of quality is the dimension of the PET containers because if the dimensions of the containers are not correct, it is difficult to provide safety to the products contained in such containers. To ensure the most accurate dimensions of the containers and bottles, the dimensions of the PET preforms must also be accurate. A final PET container will have accurate dimensions only if the preforms used for manufacturing them have the correct dimensions.

    The Preform Go-No GO Gauge is the best instrument that can be used for testing the accuracy of the preforms with great precision. It can be used for testing the dimensions such as diameters, neck profile and so forth of the PET preforms and bottles. Other dimensions that can tested with the help of this equipment include the thread outside diameter, thread outside diameter, tamper ring diameter, and tamper ring height. Apart from preforms, it can also be used for checking the measurements of the closures as well such as inside diameter, outside diameter, maximum diameter and height. The device is available in variable configurations and can be made to order according to the specifications given by the clients.

    With the help of this instrument the manufacturers of PET containers can rest assured that the products they are delivering to the clients is of the best dimensional accuracy.

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