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PI tape manufacturers and suppliers have been providing a very accurate and precise measuring instrument that is vastly used in a lot of industries. In the industries, most of the times, there is a requirement of taking measurement of different dimensions with great accuracy for the purpose of quality control.






    It is very important for the manufacturers of different products to ensure that the quality of the products they are delivering to the consumers is of best level and measurement of the dimensions is one of the most important factors that contribute to the better quality of the products. One dimension that very hard to measure in some products is the diameter of a cylinder. The PI tape can be used for accurate measurement of the diameter of any cylindrical product.

    Pacorr comes under the list of best PI tape manufacturers and suppliers that have been providing the best quality of measuring instrument to the industries of different verticals. In industries, taking measurement is a daily task that needs to be performed on regular basis and with high levels of precision and accuracy. Only with accurate measurements, it is possible that the products manufactured in the industries are of the best quality and can provide best of their performance. In some cases, if the measurements are not accurate, it can lead to malfunctioning of the products and even its failure. This is why, it is very important for the manufacturers to ensure that they measure the different dimensions of the products and materials very carefully so that it could contribute to the best quality of products delivered to the customers. A very critical and important dimension to measure is the diameter of the cylindrical objects being used or manufactured in industries. IT be very tricky sometimes to measure the diameter of the cylinder with accuracy as it is not always possible to measure it with the help of conventional methods. If the measurement are not taken precisely, it can contribute to bad quality and hence rejection of the products eventually. for that purpose, the PI tape is the best measuring instrument to measure the diameter of the products such as plastic bottles, PET bottles, cylindrical containers and so forth. It is essential for the manufacturers to ensure that they measure the diameter of these products carefully so that there is no chance for any quality defect.

    PI tape offered by Pacorr is a sturdy and accurate measuring instrument that can be easily used for calculating the measurement of the products with great accuracy. The instrument has a range of measurement varying from 20mm to 300mm. It has a least count of 1mm to offer the best accuracy and precision of the measurements taken. The instrument is made from very high grade stainless steel that gives the instrument a long service life and better performance.

    • Model: PCPIT
    • Material: High Strength Steel
    • Diameter: 20-300 mm
    • Circumference: 60-950 mm
    • Least Count: 1 mm
    • Measurement Units: mm
    • Measurement: Visually on Scale

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