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Transparency Tester manufacturers and suppliers ensure the best quality testing instrument for industries dealing in transparent products such as bottle and containers. IN the PET industries where there is manufacturing of PET bottles and containers, it is essential that the quality of these containers is of best quality so that they could ensure the best level of safety to the products and substances that will be packaged in those bottles and containers.






    The manufacturers of such products must ensure that they run all the quality tests on the products to ensure best quality of products delivered to the customers. One of the most important aspects of quality of the PET bottle sand containers can be the transparency of the walls of the bottles. There varying grades of transparency that are required for different kinds of bottles as the transparency level of the bottles can have a great impact on the quality of products inside the bottles. This is why, the manufacturers need to ensure the most optimum level of transparency that is required for a particular bottle. For this, the transparency tester is used.

    Pacorr is one of the best Transparency Tester manufacturers and suppliers that are active in India and have been providing the best precision transparency tester for industrial usage. IN the industries such as PET and preform, there are many different aspects of quality that need to be observed and controlled in order to ensure the best quality of the final products. First step for making any PET bottle is the preform. The preform is used for blowing and converting it into a bottle or a container. Now the transparency of the preform can give a lot of information about the quality. Any type of defect in the physical properties of the preform can be easily detected with the help of transparency test of the preforms. Additionally, the final products that are the PET bottles and containers also need to have the most optimum level of transparency as these are used for packaging of different types of substances and the level of transparency can have a great impact on the quality of the products as well. Different products need different level of light in different storage conditions. For this purpose, there are different transparency levels needed for different types of containers and bottles. The manufacturers and easily ensure the best level of transparency in the products with the help of the instrument offered by Pacorr called Transparency Tester.

    The instrument is highly accurate in measuring the transparency of any object. It comes with a range of 0% to 100% transparency with a least count of 0.1%. The manufacturers can easily use this instrument to test their samples and products and ensure the best quality assurance to the customers. The device is made from high quality aluminium and is duly powder coated to protect the instrument from external factors which makes it appropriate to be used in even the harshest conditions. With the help of this instrument the manufacturers can easily ensure the best quality level of their PET bottles and containers.

    • Material: Aluminium- Powder coated
    • Measuring range: 0.0 to 100.0%,
    • Least count: 0.1%
    • Size of the specimen: 50mm x 50mm
    • Power supply: 220V AC
    • Frequency: 50 Hz

    What is transparency tester used for?

    Transparency Tester is mainly used for ensuring the best quality of the products by testing their transparency level by measuring the light that the materials allow to pass through them.

    Which industries require the use of the instrument?

    The instrument is required by a variety of industries where the transparency level of the products is highly critical. The manufacturers need to test the level of transparency such as plastic industries, packaging industries, glass industries and so forth.

    Up to what range, the instrument can measure the transparency of the specimen?

    The instrument is capable of measuring the transparency level of specimen with a range from 0 to 100%.

    What is the maximum size of the specimen that can be tested with the instrument?

    The instrument needs to be of a size of 50mm X 50mm for accurate and proper measurement of opacity or transparency.