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Vacuum Leak Tester-Deluxe manufacturers and suppliers have been providing the best accuracy testing instruments to the packaging industries for the purpose of quality testing of various products and materials that are manufactured in the industry. In the packaging industries, there are many different types packaging products manufactures that are further used in different industries for the purpose of packaging of different products.






    It is to be noted that the quality and safety of the products mainly dependent on the quality and sturdiness of the packaging used with the products. There are many different forces act upon the packaging during the storage and transit that can cause the packaging to damage, rupture, deform or fail compromising the safety of the products inside. That is why the manufacturers of the packaging industries need to test the packaging products such as plastic bags and containers need to be tested for leakage and intactness. The Vacuum Leak Tester is one of the best testing instruments that is used for testing of plastic bags and ensure that they are leakage free.

    Pacorr is listed among the best Vacuum Leak Tester-Deluxe manufacturers and suppliers and has been offering the best accuracy and sturdy testing instruments that is regularly used in the packaging industries for the purpose of quality testing of different packaging materials. For the manufacturers of packaging materials, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the packaging materials is greatly responsible for ensuring the safety of the products that are packaged inside them. Packaging materials such as plastic bags, plastic film containers and so forth have to face a lot of different types of forces during transit hence they need to be strong enough to bear such forces without failure. In addition to that, the plastic bags need to have zero leakage and complete intactness so that the products inside the bags could have the complete safety during storage and the product does not leak from the packaging. In order to ensure that, there is a need for a through testing of the leakage in the bags before they are used for packaging of the products.

    The Vacuum Leak Tester Deluxe offered by Pacorr is one of the best testing instrument that uses high vacuum to test the leakage and integrity of the plastic bags. When the specimen is placed inside the instrument, there is an induction of very high vacuum inside the chamber. This causes pressure on the specimen, now if the specimen has no leakage, there is no deformation of the specimen but if there is a leakage in the specimen, then the form of the specimen is skewed as the air inside it comes outside due to vacuum.
    The instrument comes with a vacuum range of 150 to 600mm-hg. The desiccator has a diameter of 300mm which can accommodate a variety of sizes of specimen. The instrument operation is based on microprocessor and is fully automated. This makes it very easy for the manufacturers of the packaging materials to ensure the best quality of their products delivered to the customers.

    • Model: PCVLT-1
    • Vacuum Range: 150 – 600mm-Hg
    • Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Analogue
    • Display: Digital LED
    • Desiccator: 12” (Diameter-300mm)
    • Least Count: 1.0 mm Hg
    • Keyboard: Soft Touch Keys
    • Power: 220 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
    • Hold Time: Upto 999 Seconds
    • Material: Mild Steel duly powder coated
    • Power: 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
    • Weight 14Kgs.

    • Accessories:

    • Main Apparatus along with vacuum pump
    • Polycarbonate desiccator along with connecting cable.
    • User Manual

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