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Digital Micrometer manufacturers and suppliers are dedicated to provide the most accurate measuring instrument for the industries that require even minutest measurements to be correct and precise. When it comes to the industrial scenario, there are many different parts and products manufactured in numerous amounts all across the globe.






    The one most basic requirement of these products is that they must be best in quality and are able to perform with great accuracy and without failure. For this, the manufacturers of the products must ensure that all the metrology used in manufacturing of the products is of best level. There are some measurements that are very typical to take and cannot be taken through simple instruments such as rulers or tapes. For such measurement, the Digital Micrometer is the best instrument to ensure accuracy and precision.

    Pacorr is one of the most renowned Digital Micrometer manufacturers and suppliers that have been providing the best quality and high precision testing instruments to the manufacturers of different products in industries. For industries such a sheet metal, automobiles electrical industries and so forth, the measurement is one of the most important aspect of quality assurance. The manufacturers of such products need to ensure that the quality of the products is of best quality and for that there is requirement for taking highly precise and accurate measurement of the parts involved in manufacturing of such products. If the measurement for these products is not accurate, it can cause complete failure of the products and hence cause danger to the safety. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to take measurements with the help of the normal measuring tools such as tapes and rulers. In such cases, a Digital Micrometer can be very helpful.

    The instrument offered by Pacorr is a very high precision instrument that can be used for taking highly fine measurement without errors. It comes with a range of 0 to 25 mm and least count of 0.001mm. The accuracy of the instrument is +/- 2 micro meter. The measuring surface has a carbide tip along with a micro lap finish which gives the measuring surface a long life and accurate measurement. There is a function lock and low voltage alarm given in the instrument. There is a digital display given with the instrument so that the measurements could be taken with great accuracy and there is no problem in reading them.

    • Model: PCDM (293-821-30)
    • Range: 0 – 25 mm
    • Accuracy: ±2 µm
    • Parallelism: 2 µm
    • Mass: 275 g
    • Digital step: 0,001 mm
    • Measuring surfaces: Carbide-tipped, micro-lap finish
    • Battery life: Approx. 2 years
    • Delivered: Including box, key, 1 battery, certificate of inspection
    • ORIGIN: Yes
    • Low voltage alarm: Yes
    • Function lock: Yes
    • Data output: No
    • Digital/Analog: Digital
    • Scale: Thimble and sleeve satin chrome finish, ø18 mm
    • Measuring spindle: ø6,35 mm, spindle pitch 0,5 mm
    • Inch-Metric: Metric

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