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Digital thickness gauge manufacturers and suppliers offer an important testing instrument for any industry as determining the thickness of any surface material is essential to know for quality assurance purposes. With the measurement of the surface thickness, it becomes very easy to ensure that the quality and strength of the products to a great extent.






    The manufacturers in different industries want to ensure that the thickness of their products is consistent and regular throughout the production process so that there is consistency in the quality and properties of the products as well. In addition to that, it becomes very easy for the manufacturers to optimise the process of manufacturing as they can easily understand the requirements of the products and can make necessary changes to ensure that only the required thickness of the products is obtained. In this way, rework and rejections in the quality check round can be prevented.

    The digital thickness gauge is used for measuring the thickness of a lot of different materials such as plastic films, bottles, cardboards, corrugated sheets, metal sheets and many more. It is the best instrument to get accurate and precise measurement of thickness in any industry. In this way, the manufacturers can ensure the best quality of the products. The apparatus comes with a digital display which makes it very easy to read the measurement without any chance of errors.

    Pacorr is one of the most preciseDigital Thickness Gauge manufacturers and suppliers offering instruments that are used in industrial laboratories for the purpose of measuring the thickness of different surfaces and materials. The instrument is mainly used in quality check labs to check the quality of the raw materials to be used for a products as well as end products. The instrument is helpful for the manufacturers in a way that it gives the accurate assessment of the thickness of various products and materials which further helps in ensuring top most quality of the products. If the thickness of a material is irregular or asymmetric, then it can cause a great quality flaw in the products and can cause diminishing of the strength of materials as well. This is why the manufacturers focus greatly on the regularity of the thickness of the products. The instrument can be very useful in measuring the thickness of products and materials such as paper, metal sheets, PET bottles, Plastic bottles and sheets. It not only helps in quality control of the products but can also be an important instrument that can help you in optimization of the manufacturing process. The manufacturers can make essential changes in the process if they are able to measure the thickness correctly and precisely.

    The Digital Thickness Gauge by Pacorr is very precise in measuring thickness of different surfaces and the digital display of the instrument allows easy reading of the measuring data without any error. The in-house calibration feature of the instruments ensures that it keeps giving precise measurements for a long time. The instrument is available for different ranges of measurement for measuring a vast variety of products.

    • Model: PCDTG
    • Range: 0 – 10 mm
    • Digital step: 0.01 mm
    • Indicator No.: 543-400BS (ID-C)
    • Type: Ceramic-tipped contact points
    • Mass: 255 g
    • Measuring force: ≤ 1.5 N
    • Scale: Capacitance type ABSOLUTE linear encoder
    • Max. response speed: Unlimited
    • Power supply: 1 battery SR-44
    • Battery life: approx. 7000 hours
    • ZERO/ABS: Yes
    • Digimatic data output: Yes
    • ON/OFF: Yes
    • DATA/HOLD: Yes
    • Lock function: Yes
    • PRESET: Yes
    • Calculation function: Yes
    • Counting direction switchable: Yes
    • Accuracy: ±10 µm(excluding quantizing error)
    • Inch-Metric: Metric
    • Easily Portable Testing Instrument
    • Easy operation
    • Highly accurate test results

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