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Height gauge digital is one of the most commonly used testing gauge that is used in different industries for measuring the height of different instruments, materials and products. In the field of metrology, the height of things is very important and it must be marked properly to ensure that the measurements are taken correctly.






    In metalworking and other industries as well, the manufacturers of various products need to measure vertical distances between two different points and for that the Height Gauge Digital is the most apt instrument. With the help of this tool, it is almost impossible to measure wrong height or vertical distances. The height gauge digital manufacturers and suppliers provide with a digital display that makes it very easy to take measurement and make any errors during the testing procedures.

    Height Gauge Digital offered by Pacorr is a very simple yet useful testing instrument that is used in the industries for measuring and marking of heights or vertical distance between two points with great accuracy. The pointer used in the gauge is sharpened enough so that it could work as a scriber and hence can help in taking accurate measurements of the surfaces and products. This is why the manufacturers This instrument is extensively used in the fabrication industries, metrology and metal working where the accurate height measurement is required. In the healthcare settings such as clinics and hospital a similar machine is used for measuring the height of the people.

    The scriber of the height gauge has sharp points that can easily marks the distance and give accurate measurement. In addition to that the complete height of the specimen can also be determined by using the downside of the scriber as a datum. The datum of the instrument can be fixed permanently to create a reference height and then the objects can be tested for the correct height. Also the datum can be movable is that objects of different height could be measured and tested through this. The datum is moved with the help of a very fine feed screw that allows the easy and accurate movement of datum for accurate measurements. In addition to that, the instrument also allows to replace the scribers or probes so that there is no margin for errors in the instruments.

    Height Gauge Digital manufacturers and suppliers provide it with a digital display which allows the user to read the measurement with great accuracy and hence there is very less chance for human errors during the measurements.

    • Range: 0-12”, resolution: .0005”/0.01mm, accuracy: A plus or minus .0015”, repeatability: 0.01mm, max. Response speed: Unlimited
    • Measurement range of 0” – 12″/0 – 300 mm, and precise to 0.0005”/0.01 mm
    • LCD digital readout displays figures in inches or metric units for viewing ease
    • Hand-operated feed wheel for measurement ease
    • Electrostatic capacitance linear encoder helps ensure repeatable, precise measurement.
    • Height: 287mm
    • Weight: 6.76 Kg
    • Measurement System: Inch
    • Width: 205.7mm
    • Easily operated
    • High standard material used for manufacturing
    • Long battery life
    • Easily portable and lightweight

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