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Vernier Calliper Digital manufacturers and suppliers offer the best precision measuring instrument that is very useful for the industries where there is a need for precise measurement for best quality assurance. In the industries there are numerous products manufacturers that have very tiny parts and it is essential that the measurement of the dimensions of these parts is taken with highest level of precision and accuracy.






    If the measurements of the parts are not taken seriously, it can contribute to a very bad level of quality of products which can be a great threat to the safety of the products as well as the user. IN some cases, wrong measurement can cause failure of the products and cause lethal accidents as well. It is essential for the manufacturers of such products that they keep a keen eye on the measurements taken and hence need the best accuracy measuring instruments for accurate measurements. The Vernier Calliper Digital is the best instrument offered by Pacorr that can be very helpful in taking the most accurate measurements for a lot of different products.

    Pacorr is a one of the best Vernier Calliper Digital manufacturers and suppliers that have been providing the best accuracy measuring instrument to the industries where taking accurate measurements is a serious business. The industries involved in manufacturing of products with a variety of small and large parts, the measurements of the dimensions can be a very serious business. They need to ensure that the measurements of parts are taken accurately without any chance of errors and mistakes. Now conventional measuring methods such as ruler, measuring tapes and so forth can be used for taking the measurements but the accuracy obtained by such instrument cannot be of very good accuracy as there are great chances of human errors and manufacturing errors if the measuring instruments. Hence they can lead to inaccurate measurement of the dimensions that can be very lethal for the quality of the products. For industries such automobiles, the risk of wrong measurements cannot be taken because it can lead to fatal accidents and can be a big threat to the safety of the users as well as the products. For this purpose, the manufacturers must use the best possible way of ensuring accuracy and precision in the measurement taken for the products and their parts.

    Pacorr’s Vernier Calliper Digital is one of the best measuring instruments that can be used in a variety of industries to measure even the tiniest measurements and ensure their accuracy to the greatest level. The instruments I provided with a digital reading display which ensures that the measurements are taken and read with great accuracy and precision. The device comes with a range varying from 0 to 300mm and has least count of 0.01 mm. The instrument has an incredible battery life of 3.5 years. The slider part of the device is designed with great ergonomics and thumb friendly shapes to ensure easy operation of the device. With the help of this instrument, it is not possible to make errors in taking measurements of the products and hence ensure the best quality of the products.

    • Range: 0-300mm
    • Repeatability: 0.01mm
    • Resolution: 0.01mm
    • Power supply: Button-type silver oxide battery SR44 (No. 938882), 1 piece supplied as standard (The standard supplied battery is for the monitor.)
    • Battery life: Approx. 3.5 years under normal use
    • The slider configuration features an ergonomic, thumb-friendly shape.
    • Step-measurement capable
    • Font height: 9mm, alleviation of fatigue with the high-contrast LCD
    • Carbide-tipped jaw models are ideally suited to the measurement of
    • rough-machined workpieces, castings, grindstones, etc.
    • The data output function allows integration into statistical process control and measurement system

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