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Glossy paints reflect most light in the specular direction. The flat paints diffuses light in range of angles. The gloss level of paint affect its apparent color. There are many intermediate gloss levels from most dull to the shiniest. Such as satin, matte, semi-gloss, high gloss, eggshell etc. The walls in household interiors are usually painted in eggshell gloss or flat. The windows and doors in high gloss and ceilings in flat. A manufacturer measures gloss as percentages such as Gloss 70-89%, flat-1-9%, Semi-Gloss 41-69%, Low Sheen 10-25% and Eggshell 26-40%.

Gloss measurement of paint is important in the coating industry. Application of glossy paint and its appearance under distinct angles is very vital to test. Coating Color Measurement is the new invention which can carry out these type of complex analysis within seconds. An appropriate instrument must be selected. Pacorr, a leading brand of color measurement tools bring an in-house advanced test system.

Gloss Meter Triangle Touch Screen uses software for conducting Gloss measurement of paint and coating. It can measure the amount of gloss reflection of a particular material surface. Can be used on paper, metal, plastic, or ceramic material. The device is designed by considering various international test standards like ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, and GB/T 9754. These standards are accepted worldwide for gloss measurement techniques and its various application. Within a few seconds, it can identify the reflectance level of a color from the material surface. Using this method, it is easy to measure the gloss, compare it from the standard value, and categorize material based upon the readings.

Triangle Touch Screen Gloss Meter at the time of Gloss measurement of paint works using a full automation software program. It converts the reflecting light into a numerical value, which is easy to compare. Has a touchscreen operation feature. The user can manage, edit and save testing data. Test measurements can be seen with tri-angle feature i.e. one can see gloss value on three different angle – 20°, 60°, and 85°.

Gloss Meter Tri angle touch screen

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Auto calibration facility is there in the machine which gives the automatic calibration prior test to ensure accuracy in the test readings. All the test data is saved in the device memory automatically.

The structural design of Triangle Touch Screen Gloss Meter is easy to use. It is built for delivering maximum handling ease to the customer. Multiple sets of test data of one specific material section can be seen on the same screen for quick comparison. Auto-power off feature installed. Test data can be downloaded from the USB portal.

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