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Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker from Pacorr is the testing instrument that can be used in the bottling industries to simulate the shaking of the test specimen and hence test the efficiency of the packaging bottles. The aerated drinks are normally packaged in PET bottles and Glass bottles. As the aerated drinks have dissolved carbon dioxide in them, they expand upon shaking which can cause the bottles to burst and hence can compromise the safety of the drinks.






    This is why the manufacturers need to test the quality of the packaging bottles by simulation of the bottle shaking environment with the help of a Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker. The GV shaker manufacturers and suppliers provide all the options that help the manufacturers in analysing the behaviour of the test specimen in controlled environment when they are subjected to extreme pressure during different conditions such as transportation.

    GV shaker or bottle shaker is a testing instrument that is used for recreation of the shaking conditions during the transportation of the PET bottles. The cold drinks and soda drinks have dissolved carbon dioxide gas in them to give them a tangy taste. This gas is separated from the water when shaken rigorously and hence it starts expanding. This expansion of gas is not good for the safety of the bottles as it can cause them to explode. The explosion of the bottles can be a great threat to the quality and safety of the drinks that are packaged in the bottles. The manufacturers need to ensure the best quality and strength of the bottles that are used in the industries for packaging of these drinks and hence need to test their strength against shaking using the GV shaker.

    The Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker manufacturers and suppliers offer such efficient machines in which the bottles to be tested are placed. Then the simulation of shaking during the transit process is done. During the shaking of bottles, the carbon dioxide inside the drinks is separated from the water and starts expanding. This gives an analysis of the behaviour of bottles when subjected to pressure due to shaking. Another instrument called carbonation assemble is used during the test to measure the pressure and temperature pf the bottle during shaking. The pipette present in the carbonation assembly is also used to take out the extra liquid in the bottled during the testing procedure. The manufacturers then can analyse the quality and strength of the bottles that are responsible for the safety and quality of the drinks.

    The instrument has a sturdy motorised mechanism that helps in easily ensuring the best testing procedure. The stainless steel body of the instrument make it capable of offering a long service life and sturdy operation. The serrated bottle holders are provided in the instrument to ensure best clamping of bottles and prevent slippage. The operation of the instrument is very easy and hence it is one of the most preferred instruments to test the quality and strength of the PET bottles.

    • Model: PCGVS-1
    • Type of Model: Table Top
    • Control: Manual
    • Timer: Digital Preset Timer up to 999 seconds ( Minute option on request)
    • Adjustable and satisfactory platform to clutch the bottle and to evade bottle slippage.
    • The machine is designed completely with stainless steel.
    • Auto stop feature to on completion of the test cycle.
    • Proper accessories provided for better clutching of bottle.
    • Robust Stainless steel body for long life and corrosion resistance.
    • Auto stop feature for added safety and prevent overheating.

    What type of Materials can be tested using GV shakers?

    The Pacorr’s GV shaker is designed to test the PET bottles that are sued for packaging of aerated drinks. The instrument is capable of simulation of shaking condition so that a bottle might experience during transits to study the impact of shaking on the quality of the drinks.

    What mechanism is use for operating the instrument?

    The GV shaker offered by Pacorr comes with a manual control instrument and runs on an electric power supply of rating 220 V 50 Hz.

    What is the material of the Instrument body?

    The instrument is made from high grade 316 stainless steel that makes it corrosion resistant and long lasting.

    Is there any way to measure the time for testing?

    The instrument comes with a digital present time that can be used for time measuring from 0 to 999 seconds. The minute option is also available on request.

    Does the instrument require any special installation instruction?

    The instrument is a counter top instruments and is a plug and play device. There is no special installation required for operating this instrument.